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Bitmojis: Create Your Own Avatar

We have something for the people, who are sick of the standard Emojis on the iPhone: Bitmojis! Bitmoji offers diverse emoticons and stickers with an individually created avatar, which can be used for many messenger services within an additional keyboard.

What are Bitmojis?

Bitmojis are personalized and individually created avatars. They remind strongly of Bitstrips that has been popular on Facebook a few years ago. They are a refreshing change to the normal Emoticons and are more individual than the normal ones because every Bitmoji user has an own avatar with its Emoticons.

If you want to use the Bitmojis, you have to download the app from the App Store first and then create an account.

How do I create an account and my Bitmoji?

You have the choice of signing up with an email address or with your Snapchat/Facebook account. Within the signup, you will design your own avatar. You can customize the face, hair, eye color, lips, etc. In the end, you can give your Bitmoji a matching outfit and suitable accessories. Afterward, you will see diverse stickers with your Bitmoji in different situations.

For what can I use the Bitmojis?

The stickers can be used for all your messenger services like WhatsApp. The Bitmojis are designed to function as an own keyboard like the standard emoticon keyboard. In order to use the Bitmoji keyboard on your iPhone, you have to activate it just as any other downloaded keyboard.

The most interesting part is allowing the access for Snapchat because you cannot only use the stickers. You are also able to use individual filters with your avatar, for example for every weekday. If you have friends who use Bitmoji as well, you can send each other stickers that combine both avatars. So you can send stickers displaying an activity together. Since the Snapchat update (10.4) you can see friends in the Snapchat widget of the Today View.

So Bitmojis are a nice change to Apple‘s given original emoticons and give your messages a personal touch. Especially Snapchat users will love this app because Bitmoji offers more options to design snaps.

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