Instagram: Who Follows Me Back?

Instagram: Who Follows Me Back?The popular photo service Instagram is often not about the photos. Instead, it is about the number of followers. But how do you know who follows back and who doesn’t? You can usually check your follower list on your Instagram profile. However, this isn’t always satisfactory. We have a better option to find out the answer to the question: Who follows me back?

Find out your followers with Instagram ++

If you are an Instagram user, you might have come across the Instagram users who define themselves by the number of likes and followers. You often see hashtags or comments saying “Follow for Follow” or similar. It already reached a level that you can buy followers, who will like the posts of a user. However, except in the follower list on your profile, you cannot see who follows you and who doesn’t. There is a little trick that you can use to see if a user follows you back. An app called Instagram ++ makes it possible.

Instagram ++ is a special version of the conventional Instagram app that offers more features than the original one. We explain here how to install the app. Instagram ++ just looks like the normal app and you can also use your normal account.

Open Instagram ++ on your iPhone and go to any profile of an Instagram user. You will notice a note below the Follow button. It either tells you “Does not follow you” in red or “Follows you” in green.

Instagram: Who Follows Me Back?

The conventional Instagram app shows neither one nor the other option.

The conventional Instagram app doesn't show the follow note