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The Five Best Free Keyboards For Your iPhone

Since iOS 8, Apple allows to download and use third-party keyboards as an alternative to the original iOS keyboard. We show you how to use different keyboards in this article. You have diverse new features with these keyboards like swiping instead of typing or creating individual keyboards with different designs. We present you our five best free keyboards for your iPhone!

The top five keyboards for free

SwiftKey Keyboard

Besides the classic writing function like you are used to with the standard keyboards, the SwiftKey Keyboard offers to recognize the words by swiping over the letters instead of typing.

Once you open the app, you can set up additional options. You have various languages and keyboard designs to choose from. You can also use different features like Auto-Correction. If you connect SwiftKey with your Facebook or Google account, it will adapt your writing style. In addition, the app shows your usage stats that tells you about your productivity and corrected typos, etc.

Fleksy Keyboard

The Fleksy app makes it possible to set a language, a preferred design and additional functions such as Auto-Correction.

In addition, the app has special features like the heart pop, which shows hearts when you tap a letter.

Fleksy also has a selection of GIFs and stickers, besides the Emojis.

Although the Fleksy keyboard doesn’t have the swipe feature like SwiftKey, you can still swipe over the keyboard. It doesn’t work for typing but it is supposed to help to type faster. You can delete words, undo typed letters or press the space faster by certain swiping moves. The producers of the app claim to set a world record in fast-typing with this keyboard. If you have an iPhone 6s or later, you can even use a cursor via 3D Touch.


The focus for Themeboard is – as the name tells already – themes. You have the choice of various free designs for your keyboard and you can also purchase new themes. You can also use different background images for the chats that are ready to download.

You can use features like Auto-Correction and set them up in the settings of the app.


The Gboard is a keyboard app made by Google and therefore offers diverse Google features. You can use the integrated Google search tool to see results like photos or GIFs right away. The links to the results, photos or GIFs can be sent easily with the keyboard so that you don’t have to leave the chat.

The search feature helps you finding Emojis faster and choosing GIFs from a selection.

You can change the language settings or other features for the keyboard with the Gboard app.

TouchPal Keyboard

Besides many different themes, you have access to different Emoji images, Kaomoji, and stickers with the TouchPal keyboard. You can obviously use the standard Emojis with TouchPal as well.

Like SwiftKey, you can swipe over the keyboard instead of typing. Even special characters and numbers are accessible with swiping.

The settings can be changed in the app or via the keyboard.


The five presented keyboards are in general similar, but they focus on different aspects. If you are mainly looking for a new design, we would recommend Themeboard. If GIFs and stickers are most important for you to make your conversations livelier, you should use Fleksy. Swiftkey’s focus lays in fast and correct typing and therefore it doesn’t offer much design variations like Fleksy or Themeboard. TouchPal provides the swiping feature like Swiftkey as well as various Emojis and stickers. Gboard is very handy because of the integrated search tool.

In the end, it is your choice which keyboard fits your needs the most. If none of them is the perfect fit, you can search the App Store for more free keyboard apps.