How To Use Facebook, Twitter & Instagram In ONE App

How To Use Facebook, Twitter & Instagram In ONE AppUsers of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are obliged to download and use three different apps on their iPhones. If you are a frequent user of all three social media services, you maybe don’t want to switch between the apps constantly. The free app “Friendly” combines Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in one single app.

Get “Friendly for Facebook“ for free

You will need the app Friendly for this trick. You can download the app for free from the App Store. It is also available for iPads.

You will need at least version 6.3 of the app in order to add a Twitter account.

Add Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account

If you are opening Friendly for the first time, you have to add an account. So tap the Add Account button.

Add your first account on Friendly

As you will notice from the logos, you can pick the social media platform for your account. There are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to choose from. Tap one of the icons to add the first account.

Choose a social media icon to start adding your accounts on Friendly

Enter your user name and your password to sign in.

Once you are done with one account, you can add the next one by clicking the Profile icon at the bottom right.

Add another account by clicking the Profile icon

Then click Add Account again.

Add the next account to be able to use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in one app

This way you can use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in one single app and you also can get rid of the three separate apps on your iPhone.

In addition, you can also use multiple Facebook accounts, Twitter and Instagram accounts simultaneously.

“Friendly for Facebook“ on the App Store