How To Show Battery Percentage On iPhone XR, X, Xs & iPhone 11

iPhone X remaining battery percentageThe new iPhone X is almost all screen, this should mean enough room for all of the needed icons. But there is a little notch at the top of the display to make room for the TrueDepth camerasystem, resulting in less space for symbols at the top of the display. This includes showing the remaining battery percentage, but there is a quick and easy way to show the remaining battery percentage.

Show remaining battery percentage on iPhone X

f you aren’t happy with the battery symbol in the upper right corner of your iPhone X screen there is an easy way to show the remaining percentage. Just swipe down from the upper left corner to open the Control Center. There you can see the remaining battery percentage.


Tip: If you hate the notch, there is a trick to make your iPhone X appear notchless. If you want to know how to hide the notch on your iPhone X, just follow the link.