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How to Close All Apps at Once on Your iPhone Quickly

Here’s a tutorial on how to manually close all apps on iPhone and how to do it quickly and effortlessly. Closing an app is typically done from the multitasking view, where you can slide up on any of the previews to shut an app down. This is useful when you encounter strange behaviour or bugs and want to start fresh with an app. Some apps outright refuse to open for some unknown reason but keep running in the background, this is when closing them tends to fix the issue.

Apple doesn’t offer a “kill all” button for running processes and apps on your iPhone, because they want you to experience the best battery life. Once backgrounded, an app is actually completely off, unless there is a problem. Even if you see it in the multitasking app switcher, it is usually just a benign screenshot that doesn’t take up any system resources. The widespread assumption that closing all apps on iPhone results in better battery life is therefore untrue. The only exception are, as explained, apps that misbehave. Nonetheless, here’s how you can close all of your apps for testing purposes.

double-press Home Button > Use three fingers and swipe up

Swiping apps upwards in the multitasking app switcher is a known technique. But did you know that you can swipe up on up to three apps at a time? Use three fingers and align them so that you hit one app thumbnail per finger. Now swipe up and you can close all three apps at once. You may repeat this procedure as often as you like, effectively closing all of your apps in the shortest amount of time that is possible without a jailbreak on your device.