How to Disable Vibration for Alarm Clock on Your iPhone

alarm clockSince the advent of the iPhone, people have been using their smartphones as their primary alarm clock. It’s even easier to configure than an old Nokia phone and works as long as you keep the battery juiced with electricity. Creating an alarm can be done via Siri or via the “Clock” app on your iPhone. If you use a vibrating ringtone for calls and mute your iPhone at night, you might have noticed that your iPhone will happily vibrate during the morning hours, when your wake up alarm goes off. Here’s how to configure your iPhone alarm clock so that it doesn’t activate vibration.

iPhone Alarm Clock (no Vibration)

Buried inside the settings of your device is a rather unintuitive toggle that allows us to switch off the vibration feature for the regular alarm clock of your “Clock” app on the iPhone. Muting the iPhone’s ringtone at night is a no-brainer, of course you don’t want to be interrupted by calls while sleeping. You could of course turn off the vibration altogether, but that would cause in you losing the feature for daytime calls, when it is most useful. Using this nifty trick, you will be able to enjoy the best of both worlds without the earthquakey feeling at dawn, when your iPhone decided to shake the nightstand, yet again. The sound of a vibrating iPhone on a wooden surface is not something you want as an alarm, for the most part.

Settings > Sounds > Vibrate on Calls (on) / Vibrate on Silent (off)

Two toggles are important for this to work. Open up your “Settings” app and go to “Sounds”. There you should see “Vibrate on Calls” and “Vibrate on Silent” as toggles for your device. Switch on the first toggle and switch off the second toggle.

vibrate on silent

This will keep your mornings pleasant (Pro Tip: how to quickly turn off an iPhone alarm in the morning) and the iPhone should still wake you up despite the Silent mode. Note that this disables the vibration feature for regular calls during the day, if set to Silent. Your iPhone will truly be muted to the full extent, when you flip the hardware mute switch.

By the way, an alternative approach would be to put the iPhone into Airplane Mode at night. This turns off all radios, thus disabling most notifications and all calls and messages.