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How to Password-Protect & Encrypt Photos on iPhone

Privacy is paramount in this digital age of ours. Do you have any sensitive material on your iPhone, say private photos you’d rather not show a stranger? Well, there is a solution for this that involves setting a secure password and storing them out of sight. Unfortunately it requires third-party software, as Apple did not yet implement a feature in iOS that allows you to really protect your sensitive photos. Here’s how to password-protect and encrypt your photos on iOS using an iPhone app.

Download “Pocket Files”

There is a number of apps which allow you to secure your data in a way that iOS’s preinstalled apps cannot. A lot of these third-party apps do not do a great job, cost a lot or nag you with ads until you buy them.

A freemium app that we can recommend would be the awesome Pocket Files. You can encrypt up to 150 files and lock them away behind a password for free. For $2.99, a full version of the app can be unlocked to circumvent the artificial limits.

Download the app from the iTunes App Store to begin.

Adding photos to “Pocket Files”

Launch the Pocket Files app on your iPhone. There should be three default folders: Documents, Photos, Videos. Tap the Photos folder and then the plus symbol at the bottom left to bring up the context menu. Now tap a source for your photos, which can come either directly from your library, the camera or iCloud.

Select one or more images in your library or iCloud to mark them for import, then hit Import at the bottom left of the screen to add them to the app. Note that this merely copies the file into the app, while the original stays in place. But more on that later.

The photo should now be visible within the app.

Deleting originals in Photos app

Go back to your Photos app and delete the respective originals of the photos you’d like to password-protect. This is a very important step, otherwise they will remain accessible without a password and this kind of defeats the purpose of the whole process. Make sure to get rid of the images in your Recently Deleted folder. Read More…

Adding a password to photos in “Pocket Files”

Back in the Pocket Files app, we can tap the Settings icon at the bottom and then select Launch Passcode.

Then select Turn Passcode On and enter a four-digit code to protect your data.

If you are the proud owner of an iPhone 5s or later, you can also use Touch ID to unlock your special folder.

That’s it! Your images are now safe and sound, only people who are in knowledge of the passcode will be able to access them.

“Pocket Files” in the iTunes App Store

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