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Hide Content of Messages on Lock Screen

hide_messages_lock_screen_iconBasically the option to receive and read messages on the Lock Screen is a great feature, but sometimes the content is not meant for the eyes of other people. You can now hide the preview of your messages on the Lock Screen with an easy configuration in your settings. We will show you how to accomplish this below.

In iOS 10 you now have the option to hide the content of notifications, which is shown on the Lock Screen.

Note: Up to now there is no option to hide the content of all messages from different messenger apps at once.

So if you want to get the notification of iMessages, WhatsApp and Facebook messages, but you don’t want that other people can read them on your iPhone Lock Screen, you will have to deactivate the preview in each app separately.



Open your Settings and go to “Notifications”.

Choose “Messages” and scroll down to the subheading “Messages options“.

Here you can turn off “Show Previews“ by tapping the sliding button next to it.

Settings → Notifications → Messages → Show Previews (deactivate)




Open WhatsApp and go to Settings at the bottom right.

Click “Notifications“ and deactivate “Show Previews“ by tapping the sliding button next to it.

WhatsApp → Settings → Notifications → Show Previews (deactivate)



Facebook Messenger

Open the Facebook Messenger and go to “Me“ at the bottom right.

Now click the “Notifications“ button and deactivate “Show Preview“ by tapping the sliding button next to it.

Facebook → Messenger → Me → Notifications → Show Preview (deactivate)


Now you will get notifications about received messages, but the content will be hidden. This way you don’t have to turn off the notifications completely for hiding private messages from other people.