iPhone battery capacity of all iPhone models

Image showing a battery graphic on an iPhoneWith each new generation of iPhones, Apple gives its smartphones a better and more durable battery – well, at least in theory. After all, new functions and features also present new challenges for the device. So it’s no wonder that iPhone’s battery capacity continues to increase over time. If you’re wondering how much power your iPhone’s battery has, here are the battery capacities of all iPhone models expressed in milliampere-hours (mA h).

iPhone battery capacity at a glance – all iPhone models

Knowing the battery power is helpful if you want to know how often you can charge your iPhone with a power bank, for example. To help you know how much power your iPhone has, the table below shows the capacities for all major iPhone models.

iPhone modelsBattery capacity in ma h
iPhone 3GS1150 mA h
iPhone 41420 mA h
iPhone 4S1420 mA h
iPhone 51440 mA h
iPhone 5C1570 mA h
iPhone 5S1507 mA h
iPhone 61810 mA h
iPhone 6 Plus2915 mA h
iPhone 6S1715 mA h
iPhone 6S Plus2750 mA h
iPhone 71960 mA h
iPhone 7 Plus2900 mA h
iPhone 81821 mA h
iPhone 8 Plus 2675 mA h
iPhone X2716 mA h
iPhone XS2659 mA h
iPhone XS Max3179 mA h
iPhone XR2942 mA h
iPhone 113110 mA h
iPhone 11 Pro 3046 mA h
iPhone 11 Pro Max3969 mA h

By the way, a large battery does not automatically indicate a longer runtime. Large iPhones such as the iPhone 8 Plus or the iPhone X have a correspondingly larger battery than the iPhone 6s or the iPhone 7. So the larger the iPhone, the more powerful the battery that powers the hardware components.

Check iPhone battery health

If you want to know more about the wear and tear of your battery, you can check the battery cycles of your iPhone using iBackupBot, which not only determines the current capacity of the iPhone’s battery, but also the charging cycles. Alternatively you can use the free app Battery Life, which informs you about the current battery status.

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