How To Recover Deleted Photos On iPhone

Recover deleted photos iPhone logoYou just deleted a nice holiday snapshot by mistake? It’s no big deal, as long as you notice the mishap in time. Deleted photos can be easily restored for 40 days before they’re automatically removed from your iPhone permanently. Here’s how to recover deleted Photos on iPhone.

Can I recover deleted photos on iPhone?

Yes, you can easily recover deleted photos on the iPhone. However, this only applies to photos that were deleted no more than 40 days ago. The “Recently Deleted” album in the “Photos” app shows all the images that you have deleted from your iPhone in the last 40 days. These photos haven’t really been deleted yet, but moved to a kind of recycle bin – as you probably know it from Windows or macOS.

Retrieve deleted photos in iPhone

Photos → Albums → Recently deleted

In order to recover deleted photos, you must first open the “Photos” app on your iPhone. Then tap “Albums” in the bottom right corner and scroll down to the very bottom. Here you will find the section “Recently Deleted”.

"Recently Deleted" album in the Photos app

By default, the album shows you the most critical photos, those that will be completely deleted from your iPhone next, because the 40-day period is about to expire. The further up you scroll, the longer you have time to recover the photos. Each thumbnail contains a small day indicator that shows you the number of days remaining until the photo is completely deleted.

You can now tap on “Select” in the upper right corner and either choose to recover all photos at once (“Recover All”) or restore single photos by tapping them and going to “Recover” in the lower right corner. Confirm with another tap on the “Recover [X] Photo(s) button.

Recover photos in the Photos app

The deleted photos should now be back in the “Recents” album. In another article we show you how to delete iPhone permanently.