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How to Connect Your iPhone or iPad to Your TV

Connecting your iPhone to a TV is useful when showing photos to your friends and family, conducting a presentation with Apple’s “Keynote” app or when you want to stream videos to the big screen. Here’s our guide on how to connect iPhone to TV and cast your screen or stream content. After studying this guide, you’ll know what you need to make the most of your TV and what kind of equipment is most suited to this task.

Table of Contents

iPhone to TV – streaming and screencasting

The following three options will allow you to connect your iPhone to a TV or HDTV and view all kinds of great content on the big screen. All of these options will work to screencast from iPhone to TV, but some of them are more comfortable while being a little more on the expensive side.

Connecting your iPhone to a TV using Apple TV

This is definitely the most comfortable option and allows you to screencast with the greatest ease, while opening up even more possibilities through additional apps and services: The Apple TV set-top box.

Streaming your iPhone to the Apple TV uses the AirPlay protocol and works great for video and audio alike. Connect the Apple TV via the HDMI cable to your television set. You can now display photos, videos and even games on the big screen.

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Using the Apple AV adapter

Another, less expensive way, would be to connect your iPhone to a TV by cable, such as an HDMI cable adapter. We recommend using the official Apple AV adapter, which plugs into the Lightning Port of your device and offers a HDMI connection as well as an additional charging option.

Using the Apple AV Adapter has the slight disadvantage of being tethered to a cable, but it is the far more portable way of streaming your iPhone’s screen to another device. The AV adapter travels really well and allows you to use it at hotels, during meetings and on practically any modern TV set.

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DLNA and UPnP streaming via app

Last but not least, you can try your hand at one of the free software solutions that allow streaming via DLNA and UPnP, the standard technologies that come into play with “smart TVs” made by Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, LG, Sharp, Philips and many others. If you own a DLNA compatible TV, use either the iMediaShare app or the TV Assist app for streaming. Both apps can be used to connect the iPhone to a Philips Smart TV, or Samsung Smart TV. Check the app descibtion in the App Store to find out, if your TV is supported and can be connected to iPhone.

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