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How to Take a Screenshot on iPhone

Things screenshots are great for: You’ve discovered this great app you want to show off to your friends, or maybe that epic highscore in Candy Crush. Perhaps you want to document the content of a webpage and keep it for offline viewing. This is a guide on how to take a screenshot on iPhone.

How to take a screenshot on iPhone

Press simultaneously: Home Button + Sleep / Wake Button

So you want to take a screen capture on your iPhone. The process is really simple, let us walk you through it!

Firstly, make sure that everything you want to include in your screenshot is actually in view on your iPhone screen. Then briefly press the Sleep / Wake Button and the Home Button at the same time, you should hear a camera shutter sound effect (if not muted) and see a white flash on screen. If you did: Congratulations! You just took your first screenshot.


How to view screenshots on iPhone

Now you are wondering where all those screenshots went. Accessing screenshots in iOS is accomplished by opening your “Photos” app and going to either “Photos” or “Albums”. Your screenshots will be there with the latest photos you took and can be shared, processed and deleted just like any regular old image. You can also move screenshots to albums on a project or topic basis to better structure your image library. Screenshots are also included in your iCloud Photo Library, if enabled.

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