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How to Fix Slow App Store Download

The iOS App Store is the subject of continual improvements by Apple, be it speed or user-friendliness. From time to time however, the App Store is slow, either the browsing within the store is sluggish or you encounter slow download speeds in the App Store. There are a number of possible issues causing a slow App Store.

How to fix slow App Store browsing in recent iOS versions

If your App Store is slow on iOS 7 and above, where Genius for Apps is not available, make sure to check Apple System Status for any maintenance or technical issues. It may be the case that the App Store is slow for everyone, which means that Apple will have to fix the problem on their side.

Other possible reasons for a slow App Store are:

Issues with slow App Store iOS 6

Users have been complaining about the slow App Store issue, when iOS 6 was released. Since then, a number of threads appeared in message boards and Apple’s own support forum. Fortunately, the problems disappeared with iOS 7. Since a few users are still on iOS 6 for numerous reasons, including corporate software or peripheral hardware support, we figured that you might benefit from the trick that solves the slow App Store issue.

The culprit: Genius for Apps

Genius for Apps is Apple’s old app recommendation engine, which can still be used in iOS 6. Genius recommends apps based on your preferences and aims to provide the best possible user experience. It also slows down your browsing experience within the store, thus we suggest dectivating the feature when running into any issues.

How to turn off Genius for Apps and fix your slow App Store (iOS 6)

App Store → Featured → Apple ID → View Apple ID → Turn Off Genius for Apps

Your App Store browsing is sluggish, thus you want to disable Genius for Apps to see if it helps. This can be accomplished by going to the App Store, selecting the “Featured” tab and scrolling all the way to the bottom. You’ll see your Apple ID, which you can tap. Then select “View Apple ID” to see your account overview. From the menu, select “Turn Off Genius for Apps” to turn the feature off. Don’t worry, you can always go back and enable it if you want.

Other things to try are explained in our WiFi problem guide, plus you can always try a hard reset to rule out any temporary glitch.