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How To Turn Off Vibration When In Silent Mode on Your iPhone

Putting your iPhone in silent mode is a sensible choice for meetings, exams and other quiet occasions. However, it only takes a single insistent caller to turn your iPhone into a constant and annoying buzzer. Not so silent now, is it? By pressing the Sleep/Wake Button, we can choose to ignore a call. But how do you turn off vibration (the buzzer) for the silent mode on your iPhone?

How to entirely disable the iPhone’s buzzer / vibration

In order to make our silent mode completely silent, we can choose to switch off the vibration on a global level. This way, when you use the sliding button on the side of your device to put it into silent mode, it won’t even vibrate. During calls and notifications, the screen will still light up. But there will be no acoustic notification of any kind. If that is what you want, see the guide below.

By the way: Another way to temporarily shut out any disturbances is to switch on your DND (Do not Disturb) mode. Read this guide to learn about DND mode and how you can use it in various situations.

Settings > Sounds > Vibrate on Silent

Open up your “Settings” app via the Home Screen on your iPhone. Look for the section titled “Sounds” and tap it to get to the below screen.

There are two options regarding vibration in iOS: “Vibrate on Ring”, which causes your iPhone to vibrate when called while not in silent mode. And there is “Vibrate on Silent”, which causes the iPhone to vibrate while in silent mode. Turning on both options is therefore helpful for users with hearing impairments or loud workplaces, as it will give you that haptic feedback on any call.

To turn off vibration for all situations on iPhone, simply make sure that both toggles are inactive.


“Do Not Disturb” versus turning off the vibration in silent mode

The difference between DND-mode and the trick above lies in how your iPhone will behave. With the former, the iPhone screen will not even light up when called or messaged. By turning off the ringer and the vibration, you will still get a visual indication of someone calling or texting you. Thus both methods have their validity and can be useful, depending on the situation at hand.

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