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iEmpty – Customize Home Screen on iPhone Without Jailbreak

You can rearrange your Home Screen layout to a certain level and only within the limitations Apple has put in place. But with iEmpty you can leave gaps between your app icons and customize your Home Screen without a jailbreak. iEmpty allows you to create blank app icons to layout your Home Screen any way you like. Here’s a tutorial on how to create a custom icon layout on iPhone with no jailbreak.

App layout customization on iPhone (no jailbreak needed!)

Usually app icons can be organized into folders, moved around on the iPhone icon grid or you can move app icons to another page of your Home Screen, but nothing more. The following tutorial will explain how you can create your own icon layout on your iPhone’s Home Screen by applying a nifty little trick and even without installing an app. You just need to visit the “iEmpty tooliphone” website. So far the only way to change the app layout was a Cydia jailbreak and the Cydia Gridlock Tweak that enabled you to rearrange the icons on your Home Screen.

Tip: Want to find out more about a jailbreak? Check out our guide for beginners.

Before you can add the custom blank app icons, iEmpty needs a screenshot of your Home Screen to produce the correct blank icons that will be invisible on your Home Screen.

Take a Screenshot of your Home Screen

Press and hold one of the icons on your Home Screen until they all begin to wiggle around. Then swipe left until you arrive at the rightmost page of your Home Screen, which should be empty. Now take a screenshot of your empty Home Screen. If you do not know how, find out how to take a screenshot with your iPhone or iPhone X.

Generating the iEmpty icons

Go to the following web address in your Safari web browser:

Now tap “Create Blank Icons” and upload the screenshot you took a moment ago by tapping “Add”.

Then selecting your “Camera Roll” as the upload source from the menu. Find the screenshot and select it for the upload, hit “Send” to confirm.

After the upload is done, you’ll see your Home Screen and the individual positions of your icons on it. You can tap any position to define a blank spot that will be kept free of icons later on. Next, tap the “Share” button in the menu bar and select “Add to Home Screen” and “Add” without changing any of the details.

Positioning iEmpty icons

The newly generated blank icon will be placed in the first free position on your Home Screen. You can again go into edit mode by pressing and holding one of the icons and reposition everything to match your taste, e.g. dragging apps to their final positions.

You can use this technique to e.g. create an empty first row or add a pattern to your Home Screen layout. Check out our example:

If you want to customize your Home Screen further and hide some of your apps, find out how to hide app here.

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