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How To Use Siri for Pictures or Selfies in iOS 10

IOS 10 made it possible to start the Camera with only a swipe on the Lock Screen and therefore simplified taking pictures. Apple also upgraded its virtual assistant Siri in the new iOS version. Now you have the option to start the Camera with assistance from Siri. You’ll learn here how this works here.

Apple‘s voice assistant Siri became smarter and more useful with every bigger iOS release. After the release of iOS 10 you can command Siri to take a picture or selfie now. You only have to give her the certain instruction.

Take Pictures with Siri

At first hold the Home Button of your iPhone to open Siri. Alternatively, you can start Siri by saying “Hey Siri”, if you have enabled this feature.

Once Siri is opened, you can command the assistant one of the following things:

“Take a picture”

“Take a panoramic picture”

“Take a square picture”

Afterwards Siri opens the Camera app in the specified mode. You have to take the photo by yourself though. Just tap the button in the middle as usual.

Taking Selfies with Siri

To take a selfie with Siri’s help, start the assistant like described above. Then say: “Take a selfie”.

According to this, Siri opens the Camera app with the front-facing camera, that you can take a selfie.

At the moment Siri is only able to open the Camera app in the specified mode. The picture finally has to be taken by the person. It would be more functional, if Siri also takes the picture. We can only hope that Apple will change this with an upcoming Update.

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