How To Hide Messages on Lock Screen

hide_messages_lock_screen_iconThe option to receive and read messages on the iPhone Lock screen is a great feature, but sometimes the message text is not meant for the eyes of other people. You can now hide the preview of message texts on the Lock screen with just a few clicks.

You may hide the content of notifications, which is shown on the iPhone Lock screen. If you want no notifications on your Lock screen, you can disable the preview in the iPhone settings.

Settings → Notifications → Never / When Unlocked

Hide Notifications on Lock Screen - deactivate Show Previews

If you want to keep the notifications, but hide the message text preview that is shown within, so that no one else can read them on your Lock screen, proceed as follows.

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Hide iMessage preview on Lock screen

Settings → Notifications → Messages → Show Previews → Never

Open up the “Settings” app on your iPhone and go to “Notifications”. Scroll down to “Messages” and select Show Previews. Tap “Never” in order to hide the content preview of imessage notifications.

Hide message text previews of imessage notifications on iPhone

Hide WhatsApp preview on Lock screen

WhatsApp → Settings → Notifications → Show Preview (deactivate)

Open WhatsApp on your iPhone and to “Settings”. Then tap “Notifications” and disable “Show Preview” by tapping the button next to it. This way a preview of WhatsApp message texts will no longer be displayed on your Lock screen.

Hide message text previews of whatsapp notifications on iPhone

Hide Facebook Messenger preview on Lock screen

Facebook Messenger → profile picture → Notifications & sounds → Show previews (deactivate)

Open up Facebook Messenger on your iPhone and tap your profile picture in the upper left corner. Then go to “Notifications & sounds” and disable the button next to “Show previews”.

Hide message text previews of facebook messenger notifications on iPhone

Now you will still get notifications about received messages, but the message text will not be displayed. This way you don’t have to turn off the notifications completely for hiding private messages from other people.

Tip: You can also hide apps you do not want other people to see. Learn how to hide apps on your iPhone.