Super Mario Run: How To Unlock Characters & Use Their Skills

Unlock the different game characters in Super Mario RunThe iOS app Super Mario Run is providing lots of fun for all Mario fans since its release. But did you know that you can play different characters as well? Besides the mustachioed plumber you always were able to play or unlock various characters of the Mario Universe in the long history of this game series. Hence, Nintendo also included this function in the smartphone version for iPhones and iPads. In this article we want to show you, which characters are available in Super Mario Run, what characteristics and skills they have, and what you have to do to unlock them.

Unlock all characters with their skills

If you want to play or unlock other game characters than Mario, you will have to meet different conditions and challenges for each character. Often you have to reach a certain score or perform exceptionally well in Toads Rally to unlock a new character. The character Toad is available right away though. We already explained in another article, what you have to do to unlock the mushroom head. Besides the main character Mario there are 5 more characters with various special features that you can unlock:

  • Mario:As soon as you start the game you will have Mario as your character. He is the best one to start the game, because you get an extra life for a collected mushroom. So you probably need less trials to bring Mario to the finish.
  • Luigi:Luigi is already a bit trickier to unlock. You have to buy the Luigi house from the shop. It costs 1000 coins, which you have to earn in the Toad Rally by winning 150 green and 150 purple Toads for your kingdom. Luigi also gets an extra life and can jump higher than Mario, so that it is easier to reach the higher located special coins.
  • Toad: As mentioned earlier Toad is the only character that you can have right away. The only requirement: You have to connect your Nintendo account with Super Mario Run. You can learn how this works in our article “Super Mario Run Cheats – All Tips & Tricks For The Game“. Toad is a faster runner than Mario, but unfortunately princess‘ little helper does not get an extra life for a mushroom.
  • Peach: To unlock princess Peach you have to finish playing the whole game once. Only then, Mario’s sweetheart will be delivered from the archenemy Bowser. With the princess you can get over wide canyons easily, because she has a special floaty jump.
  • Yoshi: To unlock Mario‘s green mount you have to win 30 red and 30 yellow Toads in the Toad Rally. Afterwards you can buy Yoshi’s house for 1000 coins. The special skill of the green dinosaur is similar to Luigi: He can reach high special coins with a flutter jump.
  • Toadette: If you want to unlock Toad’s girlfriend, you will have to spend a lot of time in the Toad Rally. You need 1000 coins for Toadette’s house, which you get by winning 200 Toads of every color for your kingdom.

Now you know all special skills of the different characters in Super Mario Run and how you can unlock them. Now you just need to know where and how you can change the character. We show you this in our article “Super Mario Run: How To Change Characters”.

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