iMessage Group Chat – Assign Tapbacks To Certain Group Members

iMessage Tapback Group ChatIf you are often texting in iMessage group chats, you will know the following problem: Friends give a reaction (exclamation mark, question mark or “HaHa“) to your message but you only see the latest reaction. The other Tapbacks – as Apple calls these icons – are overlapped by the latest one, so that they are not visible. To solve this problem we can assign Tapbacks to certain group members.

Assign Tapback icons to certain group members

Over time Apple added a lot of features to iMessage, e.g. screen effects or handwritten notes. Thanks to these improvements you can easily loose the overview, especially if your friends love to send dozens of stickers or Tapbacks.

If you have lost the overview and want to assign the Tapback icons to certain members of the group chat, you have to tap and hold them longer.

iMessage will open a pop-up window on top to show you the amount of the single Tapbacks and assigns them to the group members.

If you tap on of the Tapbacks, you will see which of the group members has sent this Tapback.

With this trick you will definitely not miss a question mark, heart or thump up icon anymore, so that you can react to each Tapback of your friends.

iMessage Tapback Group Chat

Another great and popular iMessage feature is sending iMessage stickers, which you can get in the App Store.