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Tapback – Fast Reaction To Messages On iPhone

If you do not have enough time, or you want to send a fast reaction to a message, you can use the Tapback feature. It contains six reactions in the Message app. With these icons you can express responses quickly, that you e.g. like something or find it hilarious.


The Tapback feature is available in iOS 10 or later. Earlier version did not have this feature. So this version needs to be installed, so that you can use Tapback.

The message receiver needs to use iOS 10 as well, so that the Tapbacks will be displayed properly.

Tapback – Fast reaction to messages

Open any chat in the Message app or open a message from your Lock Screen.

You can react with Tapback to received and sent messages. You just have to double tap a speech bubble and the six reactions will be displayed: Heart, Thump up, Thump down, Haha, Exclamation marks, Question mark.  

Choose a reaction by tapping it. It will be sent instantly.

Your reaction will be displayed directly next to your speech bubble.

Undo your reaction

You can also undo the sent reaction again. Double tap the reaction to open the options bar. You will see your reaction in blue. Tap this one twice to undo it.

If you have chosen the wrong reaction accidentally, you can just change the reaction again by tapping another one.

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