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Use Apple Music To Find Audiobooks

Audiobooks are great for long rides and rainy days and audiobooks are available on Apple Music. But Apple Music makes looking for audiobooks on“Apple Music” surprisingly complicated. Especially if you are searching for new, unknown material to listen to. The app Spooks curates audiobooks so you don’t have to. If you prefer using Apple Music and no additional app, we collected some tips for you how you can find for audiobooks with Apple Music more successful.

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Does Apple Music have audiobooks

First off: Yes, you can find audiobooks on Apple Music and even quite a lot, but they are hard to find, especially if you are just browsing. If you already have an Apple Music subsription all audiobooks are free audiobooks on Apple Music. However, if you do not have a subsription you can also find free audiobooks using a different app.

Hint: If you do not have a subsription to Apple Music you can save money buy subsribing to the Apple Music Annual plan. Learn more about the annual plan for Apple Music here.

Search for Apple Music audiobooks

To find audiobooks on Apple Music, you can use the search feature in Apple Music by entering the search term “audiobook“ or related terms. Different search terms will also lead to various results. This will give you a quick overview of the available audiobooks.

You will achieve the best results by searching for “audiobook” and “audio books”. If you scroll down, you will see that the results are sorted in different categories: “Songs, Albums, Artists, Playlists, and Connect”.

Another method to find new books is the “Browse” section in Apple Music. Scroll down to “Genres” and you should find “Spoken words” or “Audiobooks” on the list. This path varies depending on the country you are living in. You may also not find an audiobook genre at all.

On the next level, you can browse through the various albums and playlists, which match the genre. On top, you will find the latest audiobooks that were added to the Apple Music library.

Hint: If you use Apple Music a lot these tips for optimizing Apple Music might be just right for you.

Browse for audiobooks in Apple Music with Spooks

Spooks curates audiobooks available on Apple Music and even assigns them to categories and adds a summary so you can explore new material. Once you have installed the app you can use it to browse for audiobooks.
As soon as you found one to your liking, you just tap on the audiobook and hit the play button. Spooks transfers you to Apple Music and opens and plays the audiobook there.

Find free audiobooks

If you love audiobooks the app Audible seems like a great choice, but Audible isn’t free. There is, however an alternative as long as you aren’t set on the latest bestsellers. The app Librivox offers audiobooks for free. The app offers over 50.000 books with predominantly classics. As the books are recorded by volunteers the quality of the texts may vary.

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