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Touch ID Doesn’t Work While iPhone is Charging?

The fingerprint recognition usually works very reliably – especially since the 2nd generation of Touch ID (iPhone 6s). Only sometimes there are problems, if you have wet fingers or if the sensor is dirty. However, there are other situations, when you cannot use the Touch ID. iPhone users reported that the Touch ID doesn’t work while the iPhone is charging. We will tell you why this could happen and what you can do about it.

Problem: Touch ID doesn’t work while iPhone is charging

The problem can be explained easily: Your iPhone is connected to the power cord and the Touch ID doesn’t work at all or is just unreliable.

Reason: Not-certified Lightning cord

First, you should check your Lightning cord. Is it the original charging cable, which was in the iPhone package or is it a product from a third-party manufacturer?

Not-certified cheaper Lightning cords, which you can purchase on Amazon, eBay and diverse other stores (although they work), can cause some issues here and then. One of these issues can be that they disturb the Touch ID sensor. This can be the reason why the Touch ID doesn’t work or only partially works while you are charging your iPhone via a third-party charging cord.

Solution: Here is what you can do!

Since you know that a non-certified charging cable could most likely be the problem, the solution should be obvious: Get a certified Lightning cable and charge your iPhone with it. Original Apple charging cords are included in every package when you buy an iPhone. If you don’t have it anymore, you can order a new one here:

Lightning to USB cable (0,5 m)
Lightning to USB cable (1 m)
Lightning to USB cable (2 m)

Yes, non-certified charging cords are much cheaper, but we encourage everyone to use the original charging cables to avoid such problems.

We hope that this tip will help you so that you can use your Touch ID even while your iPhone is charging.

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