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No Vibration & Signal When Start Charging iPhone

When you connect your iPhone with the Lightning cord to a power source, it vibrates and you will hear a signal in case you have the iPhone on ringer. There is a little trick to avoid the vibration and signal in case you want to charge your iPhone secretly. And here is how it works…

Charging iPhone without vibration & signal

Take your iPhone and the Lightning cord. Activate the display of your iPhone by lifting it (available for iPhone 6s and later) or by pressing the Home or Sleep/Wake Button.

Swipe to the left on your Lock Screen to start the camera.

Now connect your iPhone with the charging cord to a power source and you will see that it won’t make a sound or vibrate.

Now press the Sleep/Wake Button again to turn off the camera and to put the iPhone back into standby mode.

Hint: Here you will find instructions how to completely deactivate vibration for the silent mode. Read more…