WhatsApp Prank: Create Fake WhatsApp Chats

WhatsApp Prank: Create Fake WhatsApp ChatsDid you ever want to make your friends believe that you have chatted with a celebrity or that you had lunch with Steve Jobs? Or maybe you want to let your friend believe that he or she sent you embarrassing photos and messages when the person was drunk? There is a WhatsApp prank that allows you to create fake chats, which look remarkably real!

Get WhatsApp Prank app

There are many different free apps available on the App Store, by which you can create fake chats. The following apps pretty much do the same, so you can just pick one:

For this guide we used the app WhatsPrank.

Create fake WhatsApp chats

With WhatsPrank you have the possibility to fake multiple chats. Just tap the “Create” icon at the top right.

Start creating your fake WhatsApp chat

Now you can enter any name of your chat partner for the prank. For example, you can enter the name of a friend that you want to prank or the name of a celebrity. You can also use a photo from your iPhone that you could add as the profile photo for your contact. Since you want the chat to look real… ;-)

In addition, there are a few visual settings:

  • The option “Online” sets up, if the contact should or should not be shown as online (below the name).
  • You could also activate the option “Typing” so that it looks like that the contact is currently writing a message.
  • And last but not least, you can add a status text, for example, the status the person uses in reality.

Confirm your edits by tapping “Save” in the top right corner.

Create your fake contact for your WhatsApp prank

Open the created contact. Tap the input field at the bottom to start creating the chat. The speech bubble on the left side of the input field switches between “sent” and “received” messages. Hit “Send” to send the message.

Create the fake chat with WhatsPrank

You can edit every message after sending by tapping the certain message. You can edit the text and change the type of message (sent or received), as well as changing the time stamp and the WhatsApp check marks.

Make edits if necessary

Once you are happy with the outcome, you can take a screenshot of the chat. You can get rid of these ads…

The free app has some advertisement

… by In-app purchase or editing the photo with a photo editing program of your choice.

WhatsApp Prank: Create Fake WhatsApp Chats

And we are going to look for someone that could fall for this real-looking WhatsApp prank! :-)