How to Charge Your iPhone Faster

How to Charge Your iPhone FasterIs your iPhone battery charging slowly? Or are you simply a very busy person, always on the lookout to save some time? If so, then this is the right trick for you. Here’s a guide on how to charge your iPhone faster than usual.

Reduce iPhone charging time

With one simple trick, you can shave hours off your recharging time. Even with all the recent advances in battery technology and energy management, an iPhone battery rarely keeps up with our heavy usage patterns and requires charging within two days at best. The main power leech is the display, which we can do little about. Other tricks that optimize the battery life of your iPhone can be employed to make the most of the day – but what about recharging?

Use an iPad charger

Using our nifty little trick, you can basically cut the duration required to charge your iPhone in half. By the way, an iPad charger is always a little quicker than the little bugger that comes with your iPhone, so if you have access to one of those, by all means use them if you like fast charging.

How to charge your iPhone faster, up to 50% speedup

When charging your iPhone at night, the time it’ll take is pretty much irrelevant, as you will be sleeping anyway. But during the day you might encounter situations where a super fast charge is a life saver. Here’s how you can give your iPhone a quick boost when time is running out.

Plug in iPhone → Enable Airplane Mode

how to enable airplane mode on iphone
If your iPhone dies faster than usual check out these tips how to fix your iPhone dying too fast.

Use your regular USB or wall socket adapter and plug in your iPhone as you would normally do.

Tipp:Have you ever wondered if it is harmful to the battery to charge the iPhone overnight?

Enable Airplane Mode to speed up charging

Now this is the trick: By enabling “Airplane Mode” from the Control Center or your regular “Settings” app, we can reduce the power consumption and thus speed up the charging process. The more your iPhone is used while charging, the longer it will take. By enabling Airplane Mode we reduce the power usage and consequently speed up the whole process.

Hint: When entering Airplane Mode, you are effectively disabling all of the radio hardware and will not be able to receive calls, texts or any data from the web. If your goal is to charge your iPhone quickly, this will help accomplish it. Please remember to switch Airplane Mode off afterwards, or you might miss important calls or emails.