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Why Does My iPhone Battery Die So Fast? Here’s A Quick Fix

Does your iPhone battery last a lot shorter than it is supposed to? Has this change occurred in the near past and you’re wondering why? Then the following trick could be an easy solution for your battery problem. Here’s how to quickly fix iPhone battery drain caused by software and operating system issues. Some guides available online suggest a full restore followed by setting up your iPhone anew, but that is time-consuming and should be one of your last resorts when it comes to fixing battery issues. Instead, try only resetting your iOS internal settings while leaving all of your data intact.

Resetting only the settings on iPhone

First off: By resetting only the settings on your iPhone, we are able to retain all data, apps, media and chat messages, contacts or call logs. At worst, your battery life will still be acting up after this attempt, but you won’t lose anything. This procedure only removes all of your custom settings in iOS and all of your saved WiFi networks and their accompanying passwords. So keep your WiFi password at hand, if possible.

Hint: You can screenshot your most important settings pages if you fear that you won’t be able to remember your preferred setup.

Settings > General > Reset

To attempt this solution for fixing your battery life, go to the Settings app and select General, then tap Reset. On this settings page you’ll find various ways of resetting your iPhone and restoring it to factory condition, including the option of resetting only all of the settings without actually deleting valuable data.

Tap All Settings and enter your passcode to confirm the selection. Then confirm by tapping Reset and wait until the procedure has gone through. The iPhone will reboot while showing a black screen with the Apple logo and a progress bar. Afterwards you’ll be able to reconnect to a wireless network of choice.

Most important iPhone settings

Make sure to configure the following options which are commonly customized by iPhone users:

  • Sounds and ringtones (Settings > Sounds)
  • Alarm clock (Clock > Alarm)
  • Location services (Privacy > Location Services)
  • Push notifications (Settings > Notifications)
  • Touch ID and/or Passcode (Settings > Touch ID & Passcode)
  • Battery percentage display (Settings > Battery)

Why does this trick help resolve battery issues?

Resetting your settings wipes out the network settings, which are often a cause for varying performance problems that cause certain processes to take up system load in the background, sucking the battery dry. Other factors include the various aspects of the iOS operating system, whose settings can get corrupted and cause secondary effects.

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