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WhatsApp – How To Hide Online Status While Answering

You may already know the trick to hide the “Last seen” status in the WhatsApp messenger. If you are using it already, nobody knows when you have been online the last time. However, this trick has no influence on the online status. Everybody sees that you are online as soon as you open WhatsApp. We want to take a step further and reveal how to hide the online status while typing. Hence you can be online in secret!


There is only one requirement for this trick: You have to use iOS 10 or later on your iPhone.

Online status in WhatsApp

Just upfront to prevent misunderstandings: This article is not about the “Last seen“ status! That’s just showing when you have been online the last time and can be deactivated easily in the Privacy settings.

This trick addresses the online status that is displaying as soon as you open WhatsApp on your iPhone. So it shows every time, when you want to answer a message. To make it even clearer – here are some screenshots:

So you want to prevent that your WhatsApp contacts see, that you are online while you are answering a message.

Hide the online status in WhatsApp

The trick is pretty easy, but should be fairly unpopular so far. You just use the notification about a message to answer instead of opening WhatsApp. It works on the Lock Screen as well as on the Home Screen or while any app is open.

Once you have received a notification for a WhatsApp message, you touch it firmly (3D Touch) or swipe to the left and choose “View” (iPhone without 3D Touch).

Now you can respond to the message right away without showing the online status in WhatsApp. Just enter your message and tap the “Send” button. Only in these seconds of sending or delivering the message you will be displayed as online for your WhatsApp contact.

The combination of this trick with disabled “Last seen” and read receipts will give you more privacy in WhatsApp. This way you would prevent that the sender finds out, if you have received or read the message, or if you are responding at the moment.

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