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YouTube: 10 Seconds Jumps To Go Back And Forward

If you are using the official YouTube app for iOS, we will show you a little trick that you may not know yet. You definitely know the bar below the YouTube video, by which you can jump to a certain spot in the video. But did you know that you can easily jump 10, 20, or 30 seconds back and forward? This is an easy trick to make little jumps in videos and we are going to show you this.


In order to use this trick, you will need the YouTube app in version 12.04 or later on your iPhone.

If you need to check available updates for this app, go to the App Store and tap Updates in the right bottom corner.

YouTube: 10 seconds jumps to go back and forward

Open the official YouTube app on your iPhone and play a video. Wait until the playback options (pause, share, etc.) are disappearing.

  • Tap twice in the right half of the video screen to jump 10 seconds forward.
  • Tap twice in the left half of the video screen to jump 10 seconds back.
  • Tap multiple times to jump with each tap 10 seconds back or forward.

This trick also works in the landscape mode (also after the playback options disappeared). Just turn your iPhone to the left or right.

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