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How to Filter Mature & Explicit Language for Siri and Dictation

Offensive language is something we’d like to avoid around our kids or young children in general. While Siri and the dictation feature on your iPhone do a great job in recognizing your voice input most of the time, some of what you are saying might end up being misunderstood. This can turn out to be very uncomfortable, especially if Siri turns your utterance into explicit language or offensive exclamations. Naturally, we’d like to avoid this or it might end up in a text message, note, reminder or other types of text content on your iPhone. Or we’ll offend Siri, who luckily takes all of this light-heartedly. Here’s how to filter out explicit language when talking to Siri or using voice recognition via the dictation feature.

How to filter explicit language for Siri & Dictation

Settings > General > Restrictions > Siri

Open up your “Settings” app and tap “General”, then “Restrictions” to get to the list of possible restrictions. If you haven’t set up the feature before, your iPhone will ask you to put in a four digit code after tapping “Enable Restrictions”. If the feature was set up by you or someone else already, you should be prompted to enter aforementioned code now.

We will restrict the virtual assistant by going to “Siri” and then unchecking the “Explicit Language” option from the list of allowed features. This will effectively prohibit all voice input to result in swearwords, explicit or vulgar language.

Child-proofing your iPhone

By disabling the above toggle, your iPhone will censor vulgar/explicit language when using the dictation feature within any app. The result will look like this:

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