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How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC

Apple and Microsoft aren’t friends and the relationship between the two companies is definitely noticeable in the user experience when using an iPhone and a Windows computer in tandem. While it has certainly gotten better in the past few years, some of the more common tasks are still a hassle when compared to solely using Apple products, which provides a better level of integration. Here’s our guide on how to transfer photos from iPhone to PC.

How to download/transfer photos from iPhone to PC (Windows)

There are three methods for getting your iPhone’s photos to appear on a Windows PC, or at least three main methods. You can either use Windows Explorer and tread the iPhone as a camera or media device and manually copy the images to your hard drive. Another method entails the use of iTunes as a mediator. And last but not least, we can use the iCloud web portal to access and download our images to a desktop or notebook computer running Microsoft Windows.

Prerequisites: To follow along with our guide, you will need a Windows computer and a free iCloud account should you choose the third method outlined in our guide.

Hint: If you use Mac OS X, things work a little differently. Check out our full guide on how to transfer photos from an iPhone to a Mac if you landed here by mistake or want to more about how Macs work. Read More…

1. Transfer photos to PC using Windows Explorer

Quick and easy: Simply plug in your iPhone to a PC running any version of Windows and wait until the familiar “device connected” sound is played. If you are prompted to allow access or trust a computer on your iPhone, please confirm that you wish to do so via the touchscreen.

Open up the Windows Explorer on the PC. Your iPhone should be listed in the This PC section. By clicking it in the sidebar, you will be taken to the virtual root directory containing the Internal Storage section. Double-click it to reveal the DCIM Folder, which contains a set of folders which in turn contain all of your current photos. You can drag and drop any of the images to your computer, or copy them via a keyboard shortcut.

This method is quick and doesn’t require any extra software, but is relatively clumsy due to the file system or folder structure employed in iOS.

2. Transfer photos to PC using iTunes

The official method of getting photos to download from your iPhone and to a Windows Computer is of course to do so via iTunes. The iTunes application can be downloaded for free from Apple’s website. Connect your iPhone to the PC via a USB cable.

Either open up iTunes or wait for it to open up automatically, which it usually does on a default installation. Then select the tiny iPhone icon from the icon bar. Select Photos in the sidebar. Then tick Sync Photos to enable the automatic sync feature for photos. Select Apply and your photos will, from now on, be kept in sync with your Windows PC automatically.

3. Transfer photos to PC using

Another way would be to use the iCloud website, as it offers quick access to individual images which can then be downloaded through a web browser. This will only work if you are using the iCloud Photo Library on your device.

Open up your favorite browser and go to on your PC. Next, log in using your username and password. Select Photos from the overview. Click Select Photos and tick off any images you would like to download. Then select Download to transfer them to your PC.