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WhatsApp – Read Messages In Secret Without Read Receipt

As you may know already, you can turn off the read receipts in WhatsApp. With this trick the sender of a message cannot see that the receiver has read the message yet. This also works vise-versa though. So if you turned this feature off, you cannot see the WhatsApp read receipts of others either. There is another trick that allows you to read a message without sending a read receipt and not turning off the read receipts. Hence, you can still see, if your messages have been read.

WhatsApp – Read messages in secret with 3D Touch

Required: You need an iPhone 6s or later for this trick, because it requires the 3D Touch feature, which earlier iPhone models do not have.

This is how you do it: It is important that you do not open the notification, once you receive a WhatsApp message, especially if you want to read it in secret. Once you open the notification WhatsApp will mark it as read and the sender will get a read receipt.

Instead you should wait until the notification disappears on its own. The next step is to close WhatsApp completely by pressing the Home Button twice and swiping WhatsApp upwards. If you do not take this step, WhatsApp will automatically open the last received message. Now open “WhatsApp” and tap “Chats” in the bottom bar, if necessary. Now you should see a blue dot next to the received message, which shows that you have not read it yet.

Instead of tapping the message to open, you just tap it slightly (peek) to display the preview of the message. If you tap it too hard, it will open the message and the sender will see the read receipt.

WhatsApp – Read messages in secret without 3D Touch

Required: You need at least iOS 10 or later on your iPhone to turn off WhatsApp Read Receipts.

This is how you read WhatsApp messages in secret by using the new, interactive notifications, which has been added to iOS 10. Your iPhone can now display the whole message besides the notification preview and you can read the messages through the WhatsApp preview message.

It works in the Notifications Center, on the Lock Screen, and with the incoming message as well.

Swipe downwards on an incoming notification, that notifies you about a new WhatsApp message. You can read the whole message (not the preview) without sending a read receipt.

In the Notifications Center and on the Lock Screen you can swipe the notification to the left and choose “View” to read WhatsApp messages on Lock screen.

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