Best WhatsApp Status to Make him/her jealous

Here we have compiled the best, latest, funniest and coolest whatsapp status to make him or her jealous. Find the perfect fitting WhatsApp Status for you, which fits best in your situation. And if you even want to find more, we made extra categorys. Feel free to explore.

Lines and quotes to make him or her jealous

• At this very moment a man must be thinking that what once was his, he has now lost it.

• Do not think I will be quiet, if you did not know how to behave yourself.

• Doing the things that every girl likes, now more than ever without anyone forbidding them.

• If at dawn I do not remember what happened last night, then last night was a blowout.

• I take my time to get pretty instead of losing it to someone who does not appreciate me as I deserve it.

• Do I look very beautiful? Thank you, I have received several compliments today.

• To keep me for you, if there are several that are doing the same for me.

• If you are not with that person you care about, they will soon lose their interest.

• Why do I have to wait for a man, if I only need myself to enjoy life.

• To win the heart of a lady you have to make an effort, but you seem to want to conquer something more am I right?

• An unforgettable evening that is about to begin.

• Now I realize how beautiful I am … I thank you for so many compliments.

• To enjoy life you just simply need a few drinks and boys to dance with.

• When you are finally ready for me, maybe it will be too late in you.

• I feel younger than ever and from this moment I will enjoy life to the fullest.

• I am not one of those who wait for someone else’s whim to pass, I will have fun with friends tonight because there is plenty to do.

• Do not think that because you are indifferent you will make me feel bad, on the contrary I feel freer now.

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