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Cool WhatsApp Status Messages

Here’s a tutorial on how to change your WhatsApp status message and discover new, funny and cool WhatsApp status messages you can copy and paste on your device.

First things first: What is a WhatsApp status? It is made up of basically a one-liner of text that could be a famous quote, witty line or simply an expression of how you feel. You can also use a WhatsApp status to indicate to your friends whether you are currently available, up for a chat or out of town for a week. Be creative and put anything in there!

The WhatsApp status is similar to your Facebook status in that all of your contacts (and people who are in possession of your number) will be able to see it. WhatsApp is one of the most popular messengers and connects a variety of platforms, including Blackberry, Windows Phone and Android. While you of course, are probably reading this on an iOS device such as an iPhone.

How to change your WhatsApp status

WhatsApp > Settings > Profile > Status

If you haven’t done so, please download and install WhatsApp via the iTunes App Store. You can get it through this link.

Now open up WhatsApp on your iPhone and select the “Settings” button from the bottom bar. Go to your “Profile” and tap “Status”. We can now select one of the predefined statuses from the list, or enter our own creation by tapping the currently active status at the very top. Another option for the purists would be to scroll to the very bottom and select “Delete Status” to opt for a “no status” message.

Finding cool WhatsApp status messages

Is your creativity failing you? Bored of the typical status updates? We can suggest a few things. One source that is constantly updated is the Google search. How about entering “cool WhatsApp status messages”  and seeing where it takes you? There are entire sites dedicated to providing you with cool ammunition for your status field. You can also replace “cool” in the search query with “funny”, “charming”, “witty” or “sarcastic”. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your search terms.

Should you prefer something witty and clever, we can recommend going to BrainyQuote and looking for your favorite author, philosopher or artist and see what they had to say. It’s quite possible that their words still bear relevance to today’s issues and ideas.

Once a witty line strikes your interest, tap and hold the text to select and copy it. Then paste it into your status field and presto, there is your brand new status update.