Fun WhatsApp Dare Games, Quiz, Puzzle & more!

You want to play funny WhatsApp games with your friends? We will show you the funniest games that can be played on WhatsApp. The greatest dare games, puzzles, emoticon games, quiz games. All this can be played on WhatsApp, because there is a lot you can do with WhatsApp than just texting. Just choose one of our games from the collection or test them all. All of these WhatsApp Games will be fun, and you won’t need to download an extra App. Have fun!

WhatsApp Games Collection

Here is our list of the funniest games you can play on WhatsApp. Dare Games, Texting Games, Quiz, Emoticon Games. Just choose one from the collection.

WhatsApp Dare Games

WhatsApp Dare Games are great to play with people you really trust. Your friend will be asked to choose a number, color or letter and it has a dare behind it. Whatever letter, color or number they choose, he or she will have to perform that dare. What will it be?

WhatsApp Dare 1 To 9:

Select any number from 1 to 9 and I’ll tell your dare ? , Reply must and Fast ?

1. Date me
2. Send me a voice note saying you love me in 3 romantic ways and keep our
name in your status
3. Take a picture of yourself & send it to me now
4. How do you describe me at least six line?
5. Hug me when you meet me next
6. Write your and my name in your status for 1 day!
7. Call me and say my name in a loud voice!
8. Send me a pic of you wearing the least clothes on you
9. Be my one day bf or gf ?

WhatsApp Dare A To Z :

Select any number from 1 to 27 and I’ll tell your dare ? , Reply must and Fast ?
A. Send a voice note saying that You love me.
B. Give me a treat
C. Ignore me ?
D. Tell me a secret about you ?
E. Delete my number :/
F. Make my picture your dp for one day
G. Send me a picture of your legs
H. Who am I for You?
I. Take a picture of yourself & send it to me now
J. Don’t talk to me for 1 day :O
K. Ask me out
L. Send me your latest picture
M. What was your secret?
N. What’s your deepest secret?
O. Send me a voice note saying my name in a loud voice!
P. Tell me something you always wanted to say but you couldn’t
Q. Write ma name on your status saying you love me..!!
R. Be my slave for 2 days
S. Write your phone number in your status for 1 day!! B)
T. Send me a picture of what your doing now.
U. Voice clip me saying I wanna go crazy
V. Tell me one thing you have never told anyone B)
W. What’s on your mind
X. Describe me with a single Movie name
Y. How do you find me?
Z. Send a picture of your crush

We even have a greater collection of dare games, with games up to 54 numbers! You find it here. HAVE FUN!

Guess The Movie: Emoji Edition

In this game you will have to guess the movie title based solely on the emoji emoticons. But you can also make some movie emoticons by yourself an see how many movies the other can guess. You can play this game with as many friends as you want. We also made you some examples. Pick your favorite and have fun!

Kiss, Marry, Kill

This game is pretty easy to play, but hard to choose. First, you have will have to tell three names to your friend (friends, celebraties, teachers, etc.). Now he has to choose, whom he would rather marry, kiss or kill. So, be careful while giving them names. If there is no smartness in giving the names, it will let them choose what to do easily. So you should try to give names, where your friend cannot choose easily. This is also one of the best group games. Play it and have fun.

Movie Lines

This game is great for persons, who watch a lot of movies. The topic of this game is to develop conversations by using movie lines only. You can also make this game harder, by challenging your friends to chat with another by just using movies according to what you like. You can choose a genre or your favorite actress or actor and start conversations with lines of their movies. So, let’s go and play this cool WhatsApp Game with your friends.

WhatsApp Love Games for Lovers

Here is a game that can be played by lovers or really good friends.
Question: Choose a heart and I will tell you your feelings

1. You play with others heart
2. You will be in a sweet relationship that will never end
3. You love your friends more than your lover…
4. You care & love your partner, but you don’t want to show your feelings to him/her
5. You love your lover deeply
6. You give importance to money and not to love
7. You will get married to your true lover.
8. You hate love. But your destiny will put you in true love
9. You are selfish and self loving
10. Your partner loves you deeply and you will be with each other forever

We also have a greater collection of love games! You find it here. HAVE FUN!

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