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How To Record Calls on Your iPhone Without An Extra App

Here’s a tutorial on the built-in call recorder for iPhone, which you can access through a nifty little trick that involves voicemail and no additional tools. Recording calls on iPhone used to require a jailbreak and special tweak software, such as TapeACall, while the other side was informed of you recording the call acoustically. We have now discovered a new trick that will allow you to record a conversation from your iPhone without the use of additional tools or apps.

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You will need iOS 9.0 or later. Earlier versions of iOS do not allow the export of voicemail audio files, which we require for this trick to work. Another requirement is that your provider allows you to use the iPhone voicemail feature, which is not a given for all providers. Learn more about iOS voicemail in our designated article

How to record a call on iPhone

Recording phone calls secretly without the consent of the other party/parties might be illegal in your region. Please consult your local jurisdiction before attempting to do so, or ask for the consent of the other party before recording.

To record a call from your iPhone, call the contact in question or dial a number. As soon as the call has been established, select add call from the interface.

This opens your contact list. Select your own contact from your address book or go to the keypad by selecting it from the bottom button bar and dial your own number, then confirm with the green dial button. This will add your voicebox to the conference call.
As soon as the voicemail call is established and you have heard the beep that indicates that it is recording, go back to the interface and select merge calls.

Transfer the recording from iPhone to computer

Open up the Phone app on your iPhone and select the Voicemail feature from the bottom button bar. Select the recording, then tap the Share button to e.g. send it to yourself via email and save it to your computer.

Tip: Your call history is long and you want to delete it for private or practical reasons? In this article we explain how to delete your call history on iPhone.

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